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Cute, cute, loveable puppies to affectionate, friendly, loyal and intelligent companions; the romance that individuals have had with dogs is not more deserved and understandable then with the Golden Retriever. There are lots of interesting facts about this specific breed of dog. To begin with, the Golden Retriever was developed from the British Islands for a hunting dog and they have a special capability for detection and assist work.

There are lots of types of retrievers; the Golden is a sort of gun dog and it’s the most popular breed in the world.

They’ve an intellect and temperament that make them the best candidates for almost all the services that people need. They’ve been trained for detective work and police help. They’ve been taught rescue and search and arson detection abilities. They’re used for treatment and as guide dogs for blind men and women. Handicapped people also enjoy the help they give.

They’re dependable and obedient when educated and they’re the most multi-talented breed on the planet. The Golden Retriever is quite social; they were especially bred as a way to be friends and companions for people. Since they’re cuddly, cute, sweet and good-natured they make excellent companions for the elderly and are the perfect choice in pets for families with little children.

Together with these details about the Golden Retriever, there are also some interesting facts and trivia about the breed. Golden Retrievers have a mouth that is extremely soft; they could retrieve many diverse things unharmed and undamaged, including living things. They’ve a love of water that’s instinctual which you won’t find true of different breeds of dogs. Thought their love of the water makes them easier to wash, the Golden’s fur is truly quite resistant to water, which may make the job more of a challenge.

Since Golden Retrievers were bred specifically to be human companions, a Golden that’s deprived of the companionship will act out, become hyperactive or worried. A companion dog, like another golden retriever, may alleviate some of the impacts of loneliness, but retrievers were created for human companionship and they thrive on it. Besides human companionship, they also require a whole lot of exercise. They are highly active and lively dogs and, if not given a proper quantity of exercises every day, may become ill. The favourite game of the Golden Retriever is”grab;” simply toss something far away and let them chase down it, retrieve it and bring it back to you for a reward of plenty of praise.

A couple final intriguing facts about the Golden Retriever; they have a greater tolerance for pain that many different breeds and The USA’s 38th President, Gerald Ford, owned a Golden Retriever called Liberty.

Breed facts: Golden Retrievers

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