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Chewing gum happens to be one of the oldest forms of candy. There was a time when children weren’t allowed to chew it but today it is offered to them as Lighthouse Point Wildlife Removal. Likely, because now people know that it also has some health benefits. Some orthodontists may suggest chewing gum right after a meal as it tends to help in the stimulation of salivary flow. Plus some chewing gums also contain fluoride which is quite valuable for our teeth. Additionally it is responsible for the inhibition of bacteria that causes tooth decay that explains why the cosmetic dentists are ever ready to promote it.

Chewing gum is not just a fascinating part of a child’s world. To tell you the truth, this longing for chewing gum isn’t recent. The pre-historic cultures were also big fans of chewing gum, which has been shown by the existence of such a substance from the teeth of skeletons believed to belong to ancient people. Although it is not the one we chew today, it was created from the identical resinous substance derived from plants.

The fact that chewing gum can be traced back centuries is very intriguing, but there are many other interesting facts associated with this substance. To get a full version read on for more interesting facts about chewing gum.

• Can you think the oldest piece of a chewing stick is almost 9000 years old?

• Another odd myth about chewing gum is the ancient belief that it stays in the stomach for up to seven years. Well, that is quite a long time to be in your stomach.

• At first, even physicians used to believe that the consuming of gum can be detrimental as this substance can potentially stick the intestines together. With time, this fear proved to be pointless.

• It may also interest you to know that chewing gum is suggested to people with dental problems since it’s responsible for strengthening the gums and teeth.

• Besides, if you chew it continuously while peeling onions, it is going to prevent tears to come into your eyes. There’s absolutely no explanation for this as yet, but it is surely a valuable tip.

• The largest problem with gum occurs when it gets stuck in your hair accidentally. If that happens, it is almost impossible to get it out. The only solution would be to cut your own hair. But when it’s dried, peanuts may be used successfully to eliminate it.

• Besides chewing, it is also interesting to blow bubbles. The greatest bubble blown in known to be 23 inches in diameter. This was tried by Susan Montgomery of California in 19th July 1994.

Originally, gum was made from resin extracted from plants, but the bubbles that we chew and blow now are mainly derived from synthetic substances. There are some thousand varieties that are manufactured and sold throughout the world.

Chewing Gum

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