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The toothpick is a very simple instrument with a very simple purpose. We may not give it a second thought as we pick up one, free our teeth from distress and unsightly food stays, and then casually throw it away.

Skulls considered to belong to Neanderthals show signs of getting their teeth picked clean by some type of tool.

The state of Maine is the largest toothpick producer. It’s estimated that about 90 percent of the nation’s toothpicks are created in this state.

The toothpick has also played a significant part in history.

A man named Charles Forster, from Boston, requested Harvard students to eat at a nearby restaurant and loudly request a toothpick after finishing their meals.

Children would soak wooden toothpicks in a jar of cinnamon oil infusion and sell them for a profit. Clients who had purchased them could be seen by a reddish color left in their mouth.

The toothpick is considered this essential that Swiss Army knives a favorite brand of multi-function tools – have included one in their merchandise.

Some people have found other creative applications for the toothpick. A guy named Joe King utilized 110,000 toothpicks to construct a model of the Eiffel Tower – it climbed to 23 feet!

Today, if you’re looking for a fashionable and unique gift to give someone important, you may want to buy a pocket toothpick holder – a terrific way to carry your toothpicks around with you!


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